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The purpose of the Security Committee is to advise and assist the Board of Directors in maintaining an internally secure and safe environment for the Association members.

1) With Board approval, develop and install a Security program to safeguard the well being of Association members and their properties.
2) Review security actions and procedures and make modifications subject to approval of the Board. ..
3) Advise the Board, through the Board Liaison, of recommended fines or citations requirements.
4) Provide for an ongoing surveillance operation within the Association. This is known as PSCA Community Watch.
5) Under the direction of the General Manager, any warning or citation for infractions of: Safety and Security or Architectural matters, etc. will be responsibility of the Pocono Springs Civic Association security personnel.
6) Provide to the Liaison a monthly security report of meetings and incidents.

The Security Committee through its Chairman reports to the appointed Board Liaison.
The Chairman shall be recommended by the Board Liaison subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.