REC. Committee


For more information, to join or to volunteer for an evert contact:
Kathy Hartman / Mary Tagliavia
For Event Dates: Please See Calendar Page
The purpose of the Recreation Committee is to advise and assist the Association in ensuring significant events be planned and implemented for the enjoyment of Association Members.

1) Develop a year round program of entertainment for the Members of the Association. Such entertainment may include but not limited to monthly dinners, picnics, dances, breakfast, bingo and other acceptable events.

2) Recommend fund allocation through the Budget Process for carrying out its responsibilities. Excess revenue from events should be submitted to the Association.

3) The Recreation Committee will have the use of the kitchen as required for the conducting of its events. The Committee is not responsible for the snack bar operation, the pool or clubhouse operations during the summer season.

The Recreation Committee through its Chairperson to the Board of Directors through the Board Liaison, the Chairperson shall be recommended by the Board Liaison subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.