OWL Committee

Outdoors-Wildlife-Lake Committee (O.W.L.)

For more information or to join contact:

Alice McAfee e-mail: AliceMac@ptd.net

The primary responsibility of the Outdoors-Wildlife-Lake Committee is to advise and assist the ‘Board of Directors on the preservation, management and enhancement of the natural resources and environment of Pocono Springs Estates, including the forest, lake, wildlife, bird life, wetlands, plant life and other ecological resources. In meeting these responsibilities the Committee will be guided by the Purpose and Operating Procedures; Standing Advisory Committees approved by the Board of Directors.

(A) Make recommendations to the Board concerning testing and monitoring of the lake to preserve the purity of the water and the health of the lake ecology and to protect the fish, amphibian, animal, bird, plant and insect life in and around the lake. Review proposals and reports of studies of the lake and make recommendations to the Board for corrective or other action based upon such studies.

(B) Make recommendations for Recreational use of the lake by the membership consistent with (a) above.

(C) Make recommendations to the Board for the species of fish to be stocked in the lake based upon recommendations from professional sources who are knowledgeable in this area.

(D) Monitor the shoreline of the lake and make recommendations to the Board to protect and enhance the shoreline.

(E) Insure that the required annual inspection of the dam is made by the engineer designated by the Board and submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources on a timely basis. Make recommendations for maintenance, repair1 or alterations to the dam in accordance with the report from the engineer.

(F) Make recommendations to the Board concerning management and protection of the wildlife within the development.

(G) Make recommendations to the Board for passive recreational use of the natural resources within the development, including but not limited to biking trails, boardwalks and picnic areas.

(H) Make recommendations to the Board for landscaping the various common properties owned by the Association.

(I) Make recommendations to the Board for utilization, beautification and esthetic enhancement of the “green area” properties owned by the Association consistent with the primary responsibility of the committee.

(J) Provide information to the membership for plantings, which will complement the natural tree and plant life within the development

(K) Provide information to the Association membership concerning environmental and ecological matters, which may affect the development.

(L) Provide information to the Association membership to facilitate enjoyment of the many natural areas in the Pocono Mountains.

(M) Utilize the services of appropriate federal, state, and local agencies where such services will assist the Committee in meeting its responsibilities.

(N) Study and discuss any matters referred to the committee by the Board of Directors and make recommendations for action to the Board as appropriate.

(0) Make recommendations to the Board, through the Liaison, as to the size of the committee and membership on the committee.