Long Term Planning Committee


For more information or to join contact:
e-mail: psprings@ptd.net

The purpose of the Long Term Planning Committee is to advise
and assist the Board of Directors in long term projects for
the benefit of the PSCA membership.


1. The Long Term Planning Committee consisting of member
volunteers designed to provide guidance to the association’s
Board of Directors as it considers decisions impacting
the future of the association.
2. The tasks and goals of the Committee will be defined by the Board of Directors with suggestions from the committee.
3. These tasks and goals will be responsive to the association’s ever changing needs and may include Roads, Buildings, Amenities
and usage of grounds.
3. The Committee will meet on a quarterly basis. Notice of the same will be posted in the Pocono Springs Happenings as well as on the website.


The Long Term Planning Committee through its Chairman / Board Liaison reports to Board of Directors.